Game Bytes :: June 4, 2017 :: Tom Clancy’s Undertale

Game Bytes :: June 4, 2017 :: Tom Clancy’s Undertale

It’s the week before E3 2017 and we have a week of “pretty good, mostly adequate” news to share! But we do it oh so well, illuminating you about the Nintendo Switch online program, updates to Pokemon Go and Steam, upcoming releases for Oculus, LEGO Dimensions, Need for Speed, and more! We cover the new releases and freebies for June 2017! In our final segment we prognosticate about E3 at the end of the coming week, and what we might see or hear. Who is Chawbone? What is Neo-Meta-Morphism? All these questions shall be answered!

Intro: “Forest Biome – Combat Phase ” – Dungeon Defenders 2 Meets Terraria, by Afshin Toufighian
Outro: “The Song of the Sea (Reprise)” – Rime, by David García Díaz

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