Game Bytes :: August 6, 2017 :: Get Your Slime On

Game Bytes :: August 6, 2017 :: Get Your Slime On

With great weekend comes great game news, new releases, and discussion! We’ve compiled the newest and most interesting news about the SNES Classic, Steam and Rainbow 6 Siege stats, new services coming to Xbox One and features coming to NBA Live. Is Blizzard cultivating some new IPs? Are new games coming to the Vita? Will the world finally get the Geralt-in-bathtub coloring page it deserves? Tune in to find out! Plus, new releases, and we discuss whether seasonal “events” in games bring us back to the fold!

Intro: “Lawbreakers” – Lawbreakers, by Mick Gordon
Outro: “Steel World” – Silent Hill: Book of Memories, by Daniel Licht (RIP)

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