Game Bytes :: September 10 2017 :: Ludonarrative Dadstuff

Game Bytes :: September 10 2017 :: Ludonarrative Dadstuff

We’re starting you off running this week with the video game news you need to stay competitive! What’s the latest on Destiny 2? What about that South Park difficulty mode? Nintendo Switch achievements? Developer stress? New game announcements, religious trepidation on Steam, and what exactly DOES Super Mario do for a living? We also tackle the knotty problem of ludonarrative dissonance, omg!

Intro: “Pac Jump Up!” – Pac-Man Championship Edition DX 2, by Taku Inoue, toshio Kai, Akitaka Yohyama, Hiroshi Okubo, Hiroyuki Kawada, and Junko Ozawa
Outro: “(I Always Kill) The Things I Love” – L.A. Noire, by The Real Tuesday Weld (ft. Claudia Brucken)

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