Game Bytes :: September 20 2017 :: Mechonored Returns

Game Bytes :: September 20 2017 :: Mechonored Returns

It hasn’t been long since our last show, but Jeremy and “Meat Dale” return, as is our custom (among others) to share with you our video game playings for this week! Dale starts off with the new Metroid Samus Returns on 3DS, and as much as we can recollect of how it stacks up to the original. He finishes Dishonored 2 and gives his thoughts, as well as ruminating on Diablo 3, and when the bartender is required to take away your keys. Jeremy chimes in with Mecho Tales, the twin-stick platforming sequel to Mecho Wars and Desert Ashes that nobody expected. Listen in!

Intro: “Zeta Metroid Battle” – Metroid Samus Returns, by Daisuke Matsuoka
Outro: “Main Menu” – Mecho Tales, by Sean Beeson

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