Game Bytes :: September 24 2017 :: PUBGEE HUBBUBGEE

Game Bytes :: September 24 2017 :: PUBGEE HUBBUBGEE

It’s time again for that ever-so-entertaining, ever-so-informative, ever-so-hypenated top-of-the-week podcast! Dale and Jeremy team up for another dynamic duo, covering the happenings of TGS, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, infringements, copycats, votes of confidents and punishments, as well as a clever new system of website revenue that is NOT advertisements. We cover the new releases of the week, a few freebies and updates, and we discuss our favorite video game “trade events” and what we like about them.

Intro: “I Gotta Believe!” – Parappa the Rapper 2, by De La Soul ft Double
Outro: “Melodies of Life” – Final Fantasy IX, by Nobuo Uematsu and Emiko Shiratori

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