Game Bytes :: November 8, 2017 :: Destiny Tsundere

Game Bytes :: November 8, 2017 :: Destiny Tsundere

We’re tired and a little ill. The world keeps trying to get us down. BUT WE PERSIST, and we play video games, and we will tell you about them! And this time we have a smattering of games from “terrible but great” to “actually great” to share! Jerod returns to discuss some key moments from our Extra Life 2017 stream, including Kingdoms & Castles, Man ‘o War Corsair, and more! Dale completed the Destiny 2 campaign and tells all, as well as dabbling in some good old-fashioned Symphony of the Night, and Jeremy has been playing the brand-new (on Android) Monument Valley 2!

Intro: “Careless Whisper(8-Bit NES REmix)” – Destiny 2 probably, by Rakohus
Outro: “Child (Live session)” – Monument Valley 2, by Todd Baker & Lydian Collective

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