Game Bytes :: November 19, 2017 :: The Whole Scorpion

Game Bytes :: November 19, 2017 :: The Whole Scorpion

Do you have confuse about the news? Well we’re here in twos to reviews the news you can use! You cannot refuse. We get into the week’s tumult surrounding EA, Battlefront 2, and loot boxes. There’s also a famous charity drive going on, and a couple of game awards announce their nominees and winners! Rumors, announcements, and are Russian agents influencing your games? Then, we run through new releases and some free updates. Finally, we give our take on Black Friday in general, and vaguely gesture in the direction of some game deals.

Intro: “Theme of the Hot Blooded Story” – Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP (River City: Rival Showdown), by Kazuo Sawa
Outro: “Peace Sells” – by Megadeth (8-bit version)

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