Game Bytes :: November 29, 2017 :: A Glass Half-Assed

Game Bytes :: November 29, 2017 :: A Glass Half-Assed

We’ve got games to share with you, and we’ve been saving this one special! Jeremy starts off with the recent releases of Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny, the remake of the 1992 classic, and Sonic Mania, the remake of all the Sonics! Dale chimes in with Castlevania Symphony of the Night and some extra modes in Opus Magnum. LeGrande has been playing the Dishonored DLC, but just how chaotic are his playthroughs? Get us in your ears before this offer expires!

Intro: “Lights, Camera, Action!” – Sonic Mania, by Tee Lopes
Outro: “Marble Gallery” – Resurrection of the Night (Castlevania Symphony of the Night), by Wayne Strange and Tim Stoney

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