Game Bytes :: December 13, 2017 :: So Many Tanks

Game Bytes :: December 13, 2017 :: So Many Tanks

The weather is cold, cold, cold, but video games are HOT HOT HOT. (Reverse those if you’re in the southern hemisphere.) Let’s warm our hands and our hearts while basking in the glow of good conversation about the games we played this week. LeGrande has been straight-up murdering people in Dishonored 2, and we all learn how to make Skyrim on Switch 300% better. Dale attacks with 1 MILLION TANKS. (So many tanks.) Finally, Jeremy tried out the Monster Hunter World trial, and discusses its quality-of-life improvements and one of his biggest “wow” moments of 2017. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Jeremy also jumps into 2064: Read Only Memories and gives his overview of the GameBytes Show 2017 Best Vita Game That Didn’t Come to Vita… that DID come to Vita!

Intro: “Scrubbing For Clues” – 2064: Read Only Memories, by 2 Mello
Outro: “~driven by the stars~” – Monster Hunter World, by Capcom

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