Game Bytes :: December 20, 2017 :: GameByties 2017

Game Bytes :: December 20, 2017 :: GameByties 2017

This. Is. It. The final GameBytes Show for 2017, and our annual GAMEBYTIES, our own game-of-the-year show! We recap the best game experiences we had in the past year and rank them from all four GBS hosts! Agree? Disagree? Well it doesn’t matter because we’re the LAST ones to rank the games, we’re the FINAL WORD. ALL CAPS. Have a great time with us remembering some great games, and send us your picks! Have a great remainder of 2017, and a game-filled 2018!

Intro: “Red Morass” – Spellforce 3, by Bastian Kieslinger
Outro: “Meridian, Shining” – Horizon Zero Dawn, by Joris de Man, The Flight, Niels van der Leest, and Jonathan Williams

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