Game Bytes :: January 10, 2018 :: .5D Too Many

Game Bytes :: January 10, 2018 :: .5D Too Many

Jerod joins the show for his 2018 debut to help us with our midweek gaming recollections! He kicks off with Total War Arena, appreciates Endless Space 2, and dominates history with Expedition: Vikings! Dale plays a bit of everything this week, with Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront, Warhammer 40K: Armageddon, Mark of the Ninja, AND Rocket League (whew!). Jeremy finally wins with a low score in Everybody’s Golf, and vibes out with the PSVR version of Rez Infinite!

Intro: “Cycle of Silence” – Rez Infinite, by Hydelic
Outro: “Clap Your Hands” – Everybody’s Golf, by Owl City

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