Game Bytes :: January 18, 2018 :: Gotta Milk ‘Em All!

Game Bytes :: January 18, 2018 :: Gotta Milk ‘Em All!

There are games to be played, so the GameBytes Show Team has ASSEMBLED! (Except for Jeremy.) What games have we played, For Great Justice? Well: LeGrande starts us off with Shovel Knight Treasure Trove in general, and Plague of Shadows in particular, Mega Man X, and the delights of a hacked SNES Classic. Dale continues with Heavenly Sword and Endless Space and Legend (that’s TWO Endless games). Jerod caps us off with Dreamfall Chapters (check our channel for an ongoing playthrough) and various Jerody things! Get in, get out, get GameBytes and get gud.

Intro: “Launch Octopus (Dani’s Remix) – Water Levels” – Mega Man X, by Dani Rosenoer
Outro: “Friar’s Keep” – Dreamfall Chapters, by Simon Poole

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