Game Bytes :: February 21, 2018 :: The Loser Jail

Game Bytes :: February 21, 2018 :: The Loser Jail

Games. Games to edify you in this tribulation known as the midweek. But we’re here for you. We’re here with games like Monster Hunter World. With games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance. And with games like Bayonetta. With these games, you shall defeat all who oppose you, until you stand proudly atop the piled bodies of Wednesday, Thursday, and yes, even that false friend Friday. You’ll make it. We’ll take you there. With games.

Intro: “Fly Me to the Moon (Climax)” – Bayonetta, by Hiroshi Yamaguchi ft. Helena Noguerra
Outro: “Things Worth Living For” – Kingdom Come: Deliverance, by Jan Valta & Adam Sporka

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