Game Bytes :: March 1, 2018 :: Alzheimer’s and Argonauts

Game Bytes :: March 1, 2018 :: Alzheimer’s and Argonauts

In this mid-week show, we finally stretch the limits of Jeremy’s feeble memory as he tries to remember the games he’s been playing! He finally lands on a “duo” of games with an unlikely connection! First, Starfox Zero on the Wii U spreads its wings and goes into all-range mode as we explore what makes the game similar to and different from its predecessors. Next, he talks about the prototype version of Pixeljunk Monsters Duo, not yet released on mobile devices but sharing a development parentage, and also sharing praise this week. Dale pipes in with the desert level of New Super Mario Bros 2, and finally repels the alien threat in XCOM: Enemy Unknown… but he then returns to dabble in dark genetic manipulation in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Intro: “Corneria” – Star Fox Zero, by Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Yukari Suita, Hitomi Kurokawa, Naofumi Harada, Rei Kondoh, Keiki Kobayashi
Outro: “lumiere trembolotante” – Pixeljunk Monsters, by Otograph

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