Game Bytes :: March 18, 2018 :: 2Fast 2mb Raider

Game Bytes :: March 18, 2018 :: 2Fast 2mb Raider

The new week opens with the news of the old week! And so the cycle continues. And presiding over this transition, as ever, are your humble GameBytes Show hosts. We open with some severe spoilers to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. After about 7 minutes of that, we continue to the news of the week! BAFTA noms, TRU closings, Twitch records broken, and Little Luigi. We cover the new releases, and we discuss games that we have not played (but want to) and have avoided spoilers thus far.

Intro: “Synergy Burst” – Pokken Tournament, by Hiroki Hashimoto
Outro: “Friends (Hyper Potions)” – Sonic Mania, by Hyper Potions

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