Game Bytes :: April 1, 2018 :: Lohan’s Sky

Game Bytes :: April 1, 2018 :: Lohan’s Sky

LeGrande, Dale, and Jeremy are back to start your week off with the Video Game News U Need, along with new releases, discounts and freebies, and special discussion! Far Cry 5 and Fortnite are breaking records, lawsuits are filed and dismissed, someone’s new movie gets a “7… out of 100” on our rotten tomatoes challenge, and who can pry the secrets from Todd Howard? Then, we cover the newest PS+ and Games with Gold titles, as well as Twitch Prime. Finally, we discuss some of the best April Fools’ Day pranks in video games circulating the web today, on this day of fools.

Intro: “Clutch Nixon” – Far Cry 5, by The Road Vikings
Outro: “Monolith” – No Man’s Sky, by 65daysofstatic

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