Game Bytes :: April 5, 2018 :: Frobbables

Game Bytes :: April 5, 2018 :: Frobbables

Dale and Jeremy (Casper and Lucky) hold the fort down for the mid-week in a dynamic duo of game-playing and game-talking-abouting! Dale opens up his Hearthstone deck once more, but does it deal him in? He’s also admits to playing a little more Fortnite, and dipping his gjallarhorn back into Destiny 2. Finally, he creeps to within striking distance of finishing Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Jeremy joins the fray with the recently-final Pit People by The Behemoth, and hikes around an Earthbound-esque New Zealand in Reverie.

Intro: “City Chicks” – Pit People, by Patric Catani
Outro: “Kiwifruit Jaunt” – Reverie, by William E

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