Game Bytes :: April 29, 2018 :: Comet Take Me Away

Game Bytes :: April 29, 2018 :: Comet Take Me Away

It’s the beginning of the new week, and while superheroes are dominating pop culture right now, don’t forget that video game news is forever! We cover the premature death and possible resurrection of Steam Spy, meteors in Fortnite, Amazon Prime, Sega hardware, Sony financial data and that 1 copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Game Gear that appeared on the NPDs. We also cover the new releases, this month’s PS+, Xbox, and Twitch subscription offerings, and we talk about memorable meteorological events in video games!

Intro: “Halo Theme Techno Remix” – Halo, by Alexander Andreassen
Outro: “No Risk No Glory” – Saturday Morning PRG, by Vince DiCola

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