Game Bytes :: May 20, 2018 :: Anime Noooooodles

Game Bytes :: May 20, 2018 :: Anime Noooooodles

It’s the top of the week, and we are using our newly-implemented tagging system to warn you about bad jokes, gambling, lukewarm takes, bad upcoming movies, and adult-ish situations. Our weekly gaming news coverage contains everything you need to navigate any situation, no matter how risque! Following the important current events such as the smell of the Smash Bros competitive tournament scene, we get into the new releases, sales and discounts (or the odd Amazon-branded discount controller) and follow up with a discussion of our favorite third-party peripherals and habits surrounding them!

Intro: “LB Match Intro” – Lawbreakers, by Jaroslav Beck
Outro: “Take Me Anywhere” – To The Moon, by Kan. R. Gao, Laura Shigihara

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