Game Bytes :: May 30, 2018 :: Of Legend (Legend Legend)

Game Bytes :: May 30, 2018 :: Of Legend (Legend Legend)

LeGrande returns to the host seat for our midweek extravaganza of legend (legend legend), and it’s time to talk GAMES. With the recent travel time he’s logged, LeGrande has been playing magical roguelike Wizard of Legend on the Switch, along with his usual staples which shall not be named. Jeremy tried out the recently-updated (and free) Guns of Icarus Alliance for some airship-on-airship action, as well as the brand-new VR parkour/traversal game TO THE TOP. Dale hunts monsters in Dauntless, and comes away sufficiently impressed! He also whips it good in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, but how does the neo-igavania game handle dat knockback??

Intro: “Duel (Boss)” – Wizard of Legend, by Dale North
Outro: “Continental Breakfast” – TO THE TOP, by SIP SIP

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