Game Bytes :: June 27, 2018 :: Skyrim Prices Dot Com

Game Bytes :: June 27, 2018 :: Skyrim Prices Dot Com

We have so much catching up to do! How have you been? What games have you been playing? What? Sorry? We’re sorry, we still can’t hear you. OH. Gosh, how embarrassing… podcasting is a one-way medium. Well, we hope you’ll enjoy hearing what WE’VE been up to! LeGrande has been hardcore-RPing The Elder Scrolls Online. Dale has a whole LITANY of games he played, but we’re just touching on a few such as God of War 2 HD. Jeremy chooses you, Pokémon Quest, but maybe not for his starter.

INTRO: “For Blood, for Glory, for Honor” – The Elder Scrolls Online, by Brad Derrick
OUTRO: “Base” – Pokémon Quest, by Teruo Taniguchi, Takahiro Eguchi, Fumihisa Tanaka, Shinji Hosoe

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