Game Bytes :: July 22, 2018 :: Doctor Em

Game Bytes :: July 22, 2018 :: Doctor Em

In our 330TH EPISODE EVER (long past 300, sorry Jeremy), Dale Jones makes his triumphant return to America to regale us with stories of the southeast-north-western-easterly quadrant of Asia. We pick up the news of this week with tales of success and not-so-success, changes in actors, changes in games, and a slow and smooth approach to exhibition gaming. We cover the new releases and invasive pop-up ads of the week, and we remember the “good old days” of copy protection, when a little archaeology was required to play the games you wanted. Figure THIS episode out!

Intro: “Nate’s Theme” – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, by Greg Edmondson
Outro: “Heading Back” – Monster Hunter World, by Akihiko Narita & Zhenlan Kang

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