Game Bytes :: July 25, 2018 :: Me And My Demons

Game Bytes :: July 25, 2018 :: Me And My Demons

In this hot-(or comfortable)-summer-nights edition of the GameBytes Show, Jeremy and Dale sound off about the games that have been on their consoles, PCs, and phones this week! Dale dipped a tentacle into Octopath traveler and compares it favorably to other Square offerings. He also revisits Antarctica in the remake of Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey, and we discuss old-school dungeon mapping. Jeremy has been spending his time on his phone this week, and tries out Food Fantasy, and complains (just a little) about anime. He also tried out Galak-Z Mobile Variant, the sequel to the roguelike space shooter with an 80s (anime) vibe.

Intro: “The Turnabout Patrol – A Tak’s 8 Track” – Galak-Z The Dimensional
Outro: “H’aanit, the Hunter” – Octopath Traveler

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