Game Bytes :: December 16, 2018 :: The GONT

Game Bytes :: December 16, 2018 :: The GONT

Jeremy, Dale, and LeGrande arrive precisely when they mean to, just like wizards, to provide the news you can use with the time you’ve been given. HOTS is nots. The long national Zenimax/FB/Oculus nightmare may finally be over. Fortnite tech will spread everywhere! Discord store undercuts the rest! Charles martinet hits a milestone. We review the top Google searches in video games. Smash is the Game of No Time. And Soulja Boy is back, unfortunately. We also reveal the new releases of the week and broadly discuss our last 5 years of games!

Intro: “Its A Me Mario [MLG] [Sparta Remix]”
Outro: “Dr. Soulja” by toonlink

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