Game Bytes :: January 20, 2019 :: M(vgb&mr)GA

Game Bytes :: January 20, 2019 :: M(vgb&mr)GA

Jeremy, LeGrande, and Dale reconvene in ethereal audio form to bring you NEWS and HAPPENINGS in the video game world, as well as RELEASES and FREEBIES and all those things you love. GameStop, Netflix, Steam, EA Star Wars, fan-made stuff, Mortal Kombat, and other good ingredients mix to make a hearty and tummy-warming video game soup for the soul. We discuss the decline of video game brick & mortar, where it seems to be going, and whether there might be some better idea to fix it.

Intro: “City” – Power Rangers (SNES), by Iku Mizutani & Kinuyo Yamashita
Outro: “Main Menu” – Sven Co-op, by Pavel “Pavel_Perepelitsa” Perepelitsa

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