Game Bytes :: January 27, 2019 :: Leggo My Stego

Game Bytes :: January 27, 2019 :: Leggo My Stego

We’ve been letting all the video game news of the week just pile up around here, but now it’s time to shovel it out, right into your ears! Jeremy, LeGrande, and Dale are here to do the heavy lifting. This week we have a new Rotten Tomatoes GameBytes Challenge, we look at the new rumored PS5 specs, look forward to E3, Anthem, Fallout 76 possibly free-to-play, and more from Soulja Boy. Plus new releases, and we spend some time airing out the games that we can’t stop thinking about going back to (but may never do it).

Intro: “Lava Wander Music, heavy metal remix” – Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, by KingofKings8325
Outro: – “Anthem Choir (The Game Awards 2018)” – Anthem, by Sarah Schachner

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