Game Bytes :: February 6, 2019 :: Anno Know

Game Bytes :: February 6, 2019 :: Anno Know

Dale, LeGrande, and Jeremy got games. They got a couple of games anyway but they’re reeeeally good ones. This week we bring you a pretty thorough discussion of Respawn’s surprise drop of Apex Legends, the Titanfall-esque battle royale game that is shaking up the genre. We discuss its ins and outs and what it might mean for the gaming landscape. Jeremy describes his time with the Anno 1800 beta from Ubisoft, and how it harkens back to a genre of games he hasn’t played since Impressions Games… but that may have been with us all along.

INTRO: “Main Theme (Menu)” – Apex Legends, by Stephen Barton
OUTRO: “Hush” – Anno 1800, by Dynamedion

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