Game Bytes :: February 17, 2019 :: Arts, Crafts, Games

Game Bytes :: February 17, 2019 :: Arts, Crafts, Games

The news never stops, and this week we’re keeping apace over the U.S. holiday to bring you the news, new releases, and discussion that you have come to expect from this quality podcast. Jerod and Jeremy co-host this episode, to bring you the latest on Sony cross-platform woes, Anthem and Apex Legends woes, release announcements, legal stuff, and one weird game transaction. Plus, new releases, and we talk about our slightly-embarrassing video game-related arts & crafts projects that we have undertaken over the years!

INTRO Tetris A Theme (acoustic cover) by NearlyAWitch
OUTRO Ultima V – Stones (Acoustic Classical Guitar Cover) by Jonas Lefvert

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