Game Bytes :: March 24, 2019 :: Crap Czar

Game Bytes :: March 24, 2019 :: Crap Czar

Dale and Jeremy take the helm this week to steer the course through the video game news of the week. On the right, Google Stadia and the future of game streaming. On the left, GDC awards. On your other right, Nintendo’s “Nindies” Showcase, and on your other OTHER right is Sony’s “State of Play” event. And there’s so much more! We discuss the new releases of the week, and we talk about the prohibition on crappy games on the Epic Games Store, and whether Tim Sweeney can and will uphold his promise!

Intro: “The Nuclear Throne Theme” – Nuclear Throne, by Jukio “Kozilek” Kallio
Outro: “Life Will Change” – Persona 5, by Shoji Meguro

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