Game Bytes :: April 7, 2019 :: The Fortnite-Borderlands Overlap

Game Bytes :: April 7, 2019 :: The Fortnite-Borderlands Overlap

Round and round game news goes, can we do it in 30? Nobody knows. Dale and Jeremy came back again this week to share with you the most important happenings in the world of video games. This week, Anthem gets a teardown by Kotaku. Labo brings VR to the switch. Valve gets Indexed. Foot-based motion controls will come to PSVR. Epic is all about them exclusives again, but Octopath Traveler may come to PC, while John and Brenda Romero strike up a strategy deal with Paradox. We cover new releases and some good sales, including one on, ew, books. We then take some time to recollect the most important game-related news articles that impacted us.

Intro: “Can’t Hold Me Down” – Griz, Borderlands 3
Outro: “America Theme – Atomic Age – Hard Times Come Again No More” – Civilization 6, by Geoff Knorr

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