Game Bytes :: April 14, 2019 :: Borderlines

Game Bytes :: April 14, 2019 :: Borderlines

It’s good-cop-better-cop time again as Dale and Jeremy tackle the video game news of the week for your entertainment and edification! This week the big issues range far and wide, from PSN name changes to weird Labo ads starring toad. In between, the Disney+ service will come to consoles, Respawn reveals their Star Wars game, Final Fantasy 15’s director is working on a game for the Paralympics, and a real world politician has been ousted from office in EVE Online. We cover the new releases and headline-grabbing updates, and we discuss some great new business startup ideas in the game space, inspired by FFX/FFX-2 ads at our local boba tea place.

Intro: “Warrior King (remix)” – Shadowgate, by Jake “Virt” Kaufman
Outro: “Tahnti Park” – Detective Pikachu, by Takuto Kitsuta

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