Game Bytes :: April 21, 2019 :: Xbox Gamethingy SAD

Game Bytes :: April 21, 2019 :: Xbox Gamethingy SAD

The podcast’s FULL STRENGTH LINEUP of Dale, LeGrande, and Jeremy tackle the video game news of this week, and boy howdy what news it is! Microsoft announces the Xbone SAD, and Jeremy approves! Lucasfilm investigates KOTOR and Dale approves! True Detective Pikachu is here, and LeGrande weirdly approves! (just kidding) After the news, we cover new releases, updates, and freebies, and we discuss the idea of accessibility versus difficulty in video games.

Intro: “A Shinobi’s War” – Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, by Yuka Kitamura
Outro: “City of Heroes Freedom” – Main Theme, by Michael Henry

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