Game Bytes :: May 12, 2019 :: Hashtag NotMySonic

Game Bytes :: May 12, 2019 :: Hashtag NotMySonic

The news never ends, but we can trim it down to something manageable. All we have to do is skip a week! But we’re back, and it’s time to get newsin’! This week we cover Sony’s “State of Play” event for May 2019. A bill to ban loot boxes is formulating. Fig tries new funding models. Tencent replaces PUBG in China. XCOM everywhere! EA Access is coming to PS4! Minecraft GO? And Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Man. Dale joins us in the home stretch to discuss our emergent storytelling!

Intro: “Excitebike Arena” – Mario Kart 8, by Shiho Fuji, Atsuko Asahi, Ryo Magamatsu, & Yasuaki Iwata
Outro: “Game Over – Sonic the Hedgehog” by SilvaGunner

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