Game Bytes :: May 26, 2019 :: In a Conan Mood

Game Bytes :: May 26, 2019 :: In a Conan Mood

Jeremy and Jerod take over the show to highlight the video game news of the week! We revisit the Valve “Auto Chess” rumors, and add on some new ones about George RR Martin consulting on games! PlayStation starts a new TV and movie division, and Playdate really turns our crank. The WHO recognizes gaming disorder, and Razer recognizes the end of the line for Ouya. Plus more! We cover new releases and freebies, and we discuss game series that had “oddball” entries or changed from the mainline genre!

Intro: “Fragfest” – Jak X Combat Racing, by Billy Howerdel & Dean Menta
Outro: “A Hero’s Journey” – Total War Three Kingdoms, by Richard Beddow, Simon Ravn, Richard Birdsall, & Tim Wynn

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