Game Bytes :: June 2, 2019 :: The Big Rip

Game Bytes :: June 2, 2019 :: The Big Rip

Your GameBytes Show cast is at FULL STRENGTH this week for a pre-E3 reckoning of 30-minute proportions! This week Microsoft announces changes to the Windows store and rolls out Game Pass on PC. Death Strandings gets a date. DOOM gets new content from John Romero. Pokemon gets sleepy, and Elon Musk installs a new killer app on the Tesla. Plus, new releases and good sales, as well as our predictions and hopes for E3 2019!

Intro: “Apocalyptica” – Death Stranding E3 2019 trailer
Outro: “Junkyard Jive” – Cuphead, by Kristofer Maddigan

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