Game Bytes :: June 26, 2019 :: With a Y

Game Bytes :: June 26, 2019 :: With a Y

The GameBytes Show crew is nothing if not mostly consistent, and this week we are bringing it back to our usual habits with a rundown of the games we played this week! And this week, “most” of the guys are here to talk about games they’ve played! Jeremy dove into the Monster Hunter Iceborne beta and gives us a rundown of the changes, improvements, and overall fun factor of the new expansion to Monster Hunter World. LeGrande grows a pair (of fangs) and stalks the streets of last-century London, making friends and eating people in Vampyr. Remember, you can pick your nose AND you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your friends out of your teeth after you consume them for their precious vitae and XP.

Intro: “Hoarfrost Battle Theme” – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
Outro: “A Night at Home” – Vampyr, by Olivier Deriviere

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