Game Bytes :: June 30, 2019 :: Freedom Week

Game Bytes :: June 30, 2019 :: Freedom Week

The week of news has come to pass, and our motto is “no news left behind”! We think it’s something to strive for, anyway. This week, we’ll update you on SGDQ 2019’s final numbers, GoG’s attempt to unify all game launchers, the console platform holders come together to make a statement, controversies surrounding the Steam summer sale and also Pokemon, along with a live-action series based on a game you might not have predicted. Plus, we update you on the subscription freebies and new releases, and we discuss the history of console UI and pick the best and worst!

Intro: “Gym Leader Battle Theme” – Pokemon Sword & Shield, by Minako Adachi & Go Ichinose
Outro: “So They Say” – Tetris Effect, by metalmouse & Alina Renae

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