Game Bytes :: July 7, 2019 :: Parappa the Dapper

Game Bytes :: July 7, 2019 :: Parappa the Dapper

In this week’s video game news, Jeremy and LeGrande dig deep to get you the most relevant and useful news you need for those important watercooler conversations. Sony is looking to acquire. Release dates leaked. Konami is surprised by PS+ changes. Brexit heats up game dev competition. Xbox Scarlett gets a streaming SKU. Nintendo is ready to repel corporate raiders, but won’t spoil its Switch surprises! Plus, new releases and freebies. And we talk about the kings-of-the-hill in video game genres, and how they get that way!

Intro: “Boss Theme” Stranger Things: The Game, by Rich Douglas
Outro: “The Hallow” – Terraria, by Scott Lloyd Shelly

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