Game Bytes :: July 22, 2019 :: Best Since Bonk

Game Bytes :: July 22, 2019 :: Best Since Bonk

News time! We see you pursing your lips. It’s good for you! Here comes the airplane! Reeeeorrrwww! YUM! That isn’t so bad is it? This week Jerod, LeGrande, and Jeremy distract you while actually feeding you the video game nutrition that you need. Nintendo is cruising for a joy-con bruisin’. China co-opts western developers to implement a nanny protocol. Uplay+ news and trial. A TurboGrafx 16 mini is announced. A new Plants vs Zombies game. And you’ll never guess the top headliner at EVO2019. Plus, new releases and freebies, and we discuss the games we’re looking forward to in the back half of 2019.

Intro: “Stage 1-3 & 4-1” – Chou Aniki, by Taku Iwasaki
Outro: “Main BGM #5 (Bonk’s Adventure Remix)” by NPC

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