Game Bytes :: July 29, 2019 :: Hats and Money

Game Bytes :: July 29, 2019 :: Hats and Money

Beat the summer heat with the GameBytes Show! The wildest and wooliest video game news will keep you cool and refreshed for fun in the sun and other cliches! Also you will be covered in wool. This week we recap the Fortnite World Championships, catch up on Nintendo’s looming legal woes, the return of an unlikely hat-based game, and what you should NOT let your cat do while you’re livestreaming. Plus, we cover new releases, and we get a third chair at the last minute to discuss what it means when a developer opts for storefront exclusivity after a pre-sale. Get wooly!

INTRO – “Main Theme” – Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones, by Yoshihiko Kitamura, Saki Haruyama, & Yoshito Hirano
OUTRO – “MEDIC!” – Team Fortress 2, by Mike Morasky

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