Game Bytes :: August 18, 2019 :: HADSKABAA

Game Bytes :: August 18, 2019 :: HADSKABAA

This week’s news and new releases podcast is brought to you by hadskaaaa and hadskabaa. What does that mean? Venture within to learn more! This week we discuss queues for WoW Classic, a retired game creator may be getting back into the life, Factor 5 is making some (lukewarm) headlines, No Man’s Sky gets its latest (huge) update, Spelunky 2 is delayed, and Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo ride again! We also talk about the newest releases, and then Dale and Jeremy decide to throw some shade on the biggest lies video games ever told us.

Intro: “Main Menu” – Fire Pro Wrestling World, by Mitsuo Nakajima & Atsuhiro Motoyama
Outro: “Firestorm” – Lair, by John Debney

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