Game Bytes :: September 5, 2019 :: THAT Kind of 80s

Game Bytes :: September 5, 2019 :: THAT Kind of 80s

In a very special episode of the GameBytes Show podcast, Jeremy is joined by one-time podcast cohost of yesteryear, Sean Kirkland from the Tech Gaming podcast! Jeremy and Sean bring that old-timey flair to the GBS podcast, giving “impressions” (the T-G term) of games we played this week. Sean starts the ball rolling with Dragon Quest 11, and we discuss its spiritual predecessor DQ8 and how they relate. Jeremy steers the show into Knights & Bikes, a new co-operative adventure games that embody the 1980s on lonely crummy islands in the North Atlantic.

Intro: “I Wanna Ride My Bike” – Knights & Bikes, by Daniel Pemberton
Outro: “Village Hidden In A Mountain” – Dragon Quest 11 (“good instruments” version) by Koichi Sugiyama

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