Game Bytes :: September 18, 2019 :: A Pair of 5s

Game Bytes :: September 18, 2019 :: A Pair of 5s

Jeremy and LeGrande get together to compare weapons, and this week everything is a little weird looking. First, LeGrande returns to the Gears of War franchise with Gears 5. Chainsaw rifles are still in style as he cuts through locusts in multiplayer and the campaign. He discusses what makes this entry its own, while Jeremy gets confused about “GoW” video game terminology. Jeremy takes the reins for Devil May Cry 5 and pulls out a motorcycle-revving sword and a book of emo poetry. Seriously. We discuss (as we do) our relative preference for the western storytelling style of DmC but how some of the DnA has made it into this game for the better.

Intro: Devil May Cry 5 – Nidhogg Boss Battle Music
Outro: “Kait’s Theme” – Gears 5, by Ramin Djawadi

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