Game Bytes :: September 22, 2019 :: Being a Schtick

Game Bytes :: September 22, 2019 :: Being a Schtick

In the news this week, a few announcements. First, Sony’s State of Play for Fall 2019. A French court rules that Valve is in violation of resale law. Billy Mitchell is being Billy Mitchell. We get an estimate of the payoff for Epic Games Store exclusivity. ESA proposes some changes to E3, and more! Plus, new releases and freebies, and we discuss our most- and least-favorite video game aesthetics!

Intro: “Silent Howling” – Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, by Michiru Yamane, Ippo Yamada, Jake Kaufman, Noisycroak
Outro: “Dead of Night” – Sayonara Wild Hearts, by Daniel Olsén

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