Game Bytes :: November 13, 2019 :: MoreGrooves

Game Bytes :: November 13, 2019 :: MoreGrooves

In this week’s voyage of podcasting entertainment, we eventually get our bearings and set sail for video games! LeGrande plays either The Elder Scrolls Legends or Online, and explores the distinctions between whichever-one-it-was and its nearest competing cousin. Jeremy’s got the beat with the new(ish) Harmonix VR game Audica. Dale gets into a groove of his own with Wargroove, and we discuss what special place it has in its genre, or not.

Intro: “Cheeky Ruckus” – Wargroove, by Phonetic Hero
Outro: “Beauty of Dawn” – The Elder Scrolls Online, by Jeremy Soule, Brad Derrick, Rik Schaffer and Malukah

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