Game Bytes :: December 22, 2019 :: Auteurial Tedium

Game Bytes :: December 22, 2019 :: Auteurial Tedium

Jeremy and LeGrande substite a news show for a VIDEO GAMES show, because it’s that time of year. We pick a couple of games that play around with the idea of boredom, intentionally or unintentionally, and we’re going to explore our own reactions and analyze ourselves deeply. Jeremy played Death Stranding and does his best to candidly explain what the heck is going on. He compares Final Fantasy 15, Dark Souls, Metal Gear, and others. Good comparisons? You decide. LeGrande digs into the reincarnation of one of his favorite series, Star Control Origins, but how does it strike him in 2019?

Intro: “Alien Altercation” – Star Control Origins, by Riku Nuottaj√§rvi
Outro: “A Final Waltz” – Death Stranding, by Ludvig Forssell

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