Game Bytes :: February 26, 2020 :: Accidentally Yoked

Game Bytes :: February 26, 2020 :: Accidentally Yoked

Dale and Jeremy use the buddy system to spot each other in this week’s games-we-played episode. Dale feels the burn in Ring Fit Adventure, and explains just how to avoid getting TOO shredded at Nintendo’s “squeezy-circle”-based exercise game. Jeremy plays an old vertical-shooter classic that you’ve probably heard of called Radiant Silvergun, and it makes him kind of mad but it’s also worthy of respect. Which game causes more forehead-vein popping? Listen and find out!

Intro: “Main Theme” – Ring Fit Adventure, by Shinji Ushiroda, Maasa Miyoshi, Shiho Fujii, & Asuka Hayazaki
Outro: “My Daddy’s Spaceship” – Opoona, by Hitoshi Sakimoto

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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