Game Bytes :: March 8, 2020 :: Citing Reasons

Game Bytes :: March 8, 2020 :: Citing Reasons

LeGrande and Jeremy tackle the newsiest news of the week in video games! We find this week that more public gatherings are succumbing to viral marketing. A couple of big players log out of E3. The nintendo Playstation has sold at auction for a tidy sum, but was it worth it? The Last of Us gives up the movie adaptation for something a little different, and Google is on the ball and starting a game studio for that Stadia platform you may have heard is coming out. Plus, we talk about new releases and freebies and sales, and we discuss the most historically under-utilized genres in video games!

Intro: “Practice Makes Perfect ( Mario Teaches Typing Rap) – by Legacy X
Outro: “Bombing Run” – Final Fantasy VII Remake, by Nobuo Uematsu

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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