Game Bytes :: March 22, 2020 :: Maladroit Home Education

Game Bytes :: March 22, 2020 :: Maladroit Home Education

This week’s show seems like it would be less momentous, but gosh darn it we’ll make a mountain out of that molehill! The video game news of the past few days includes the remnants of the now-canceled GDC including Mark Cerny’s PS5 talk, the Steam Game Festival, and the IGF winners. We also discuss a leaked Tales from the Borderlands trailer, Gamestop’s coronavirus saga, and a few tidbits from Valve and Gabe Newell to tickle your post-brain interface. Plus, we hit the new releases, freebies, and deals, and we construct a no-fail home curriculum for kids home from school for extended periods. Definitely use it this week.

Intro: “DOOM 64 Conclusion – Metal Remix” – by Aubrey Hodges, remixed by elguitarTom
Outro: “Main Menu” – Goat of Duty

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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