Game Bytes :: March 26, 2020 :: Riders of Rona

Game Bytes :: March 26, 2020 :: Riders of Rona

It’s the time of the week that we bring the GAMES, and it’s been a pretty good week as far as game time goes. The guys have brought a bounty to offer you in case you’ve got some time on your hands to figure things out. Dale has broken fellowship with Magic for a week to play The Lord of the Rings: The Adventure Card Game. It’s much better than it sounds. Jeremy checked out Ninja Theory’s new character-based arena shooter Bleeding Edge. As prophecy foretold, LeGrande has gone all-in on DOOM Eternal.

Intro: “Gladiator” – DOOM Eternal, by Mick Gordon
Outro: “Main Menu” – Bleeding Edge, by Daniele Gallante

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Podcast audio produced by Jeremy Lamont

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